Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions for hiring vehicle(s)

"Your Perfect Day" will undertake to hire passenger vehicle(s) to the Client (the person or other legal entity booking the required service) for the specified journey(s) or period of hire, under the following terms and conditions:

Your Perfect Day will respond to all enquiries upon receipt of an email, telephone call or in person at a consultation, and will provide a written or verbal quotation for the specified journey or hire period based on the information provided by the Client.

Upon acceptance by the Client the Company will agree with the Client the method of payment for the journey or hire period.

Methods of Payment

  1. In cash GBP.
  2. By major Credit or Debit Card

All payments are payable prior to the wedding day / journey hire day.

Variations to agreed journey or hire period

Waiting time: For airport, ferry terminal and Eurostar station collections the quoted rates do not include any period of waiting from the time of landing-arrival of the aircraft/ferry/train. [Not from the scheduled arrival time]. Waiting may be charged pro rata at the standard rate for the category of vehicle . For collections from cruise terminals 30 minutes waiting time are included from the scheduled time of disembarkation. Where the public transport operator does not make the delay in arrival publicly known sufficiently in advance of the scheduled arrival time, YPD reserves its rights to charge waiting time from 20 minutes after the scheduled arrival time at the standard rate. Any variations to the original journey or hire contracted between YPD and the Client may be subject to additional charges, if these changes involve extra time and/or distance being covered.

Car parking charges / toll road expenses

The quoted journey / hire rates whether stated in the tariff or specific quotation does not include any basic car parking and waiting charges. For an estimate of charges applicable for the type of vehicle and/or service selected, please do not hesitate to contact YPD. Where additional waiting time is charged, pro-rata parking fees incurred will additionally be charged to the Client.


Should a client fail to advise YPD in advance that they will not arrive on their scheduled flight, ferry or train, YPD reserves the right to charge the Client for a lost journey, should an alternative collection not be available for the booked vehicle.

Vehicle availability

YPD will endeavour to ensure that the category of vehicle booked is available for the designated journey or hire period. Should it be necessary to provide a superior / other category of vehicle, no extra charge will be made to the Client.

YPD will endeavour to ensure that vehicle(s) arrive at the collection point at the requisite time and travel by the most appropriate route, subject to traffic and weather conditions on the day to the agreed destination. YPD shall not be held responsible or liable for any delays (and/or resulting consequential losses) that occur from factors beyond its control.

All vehicles are fully insured under United Kingdom law, including public liability.

YPD and its drivers have the right to refuse to carry any passenger who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose behaviour poses a threat either to the driver, the vehicle or any other passenger.

Should a client soil a vehicle during their journey then YPD reserve the right to charge the client for any valeting or cleaning that may be required.

YPD maintains a strict non-smoking policy in all its vehicles.

Nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions affects the Client’s statutory rights under the Laws of England and Wales.

Terms & Conditions for Wedding Cakes

Please take your time to read the terms and conditions before submitting your order. This applies to all wedding cakes and cakes for all those other occasions


All our ingredients are of the highest quality .All fruit cakes used contain nuts, or traces of nuts or nut oil. Sponges, flavoured and chocolate cakes, are made to be eaten on the day of the celebration. The cakes are made in premises in which nuts are used, every effort is taken to keep ingredients separate however cakes may contain traces of nuts or nut oil.


Sugar paste (the soft icing covering the cake) is not designed to be refrigerated and as such cakes with this icing should be stored in a cool dry place, preferably in the box they were supplied in, refrigeration may cause colours to run.

Booking / Ordering process

We prefer three months notice on wedding cakes however we will accept short notice cakes subject to the availability of the date required. Any cake ordered from a picture or photo of a cake produced by any other cake maker, can only be reproduced by cake for all occasions as our interpretation of that cake and will not be an exact reproduction of the cake in the picture or photo. Bookings can be made by email, on the telephone or in person at a consultation. To secure a booking / order the Client must pay a deposit. Once the deposit is paid a receipt will be issued.


We require a deposit on placement of order for all cakes, which is deducted from the final balance payable. Deposits are non refundable.

Final Balance Payments

The outstanding balance, is payable six (6) weeks prior to wedding date at 3 months prior to the wedding date if the cake design has not been confirmed then a balance of £200 is used as the outstanding balance for payment and cancellation purposed until the final design is confirmed and then the £200 is replaced by the actual balance of the wedding cake design chosen. With all other cakes for those special occasions final payment is payable on the delivery day as a 50% deposit is payable on placing the order and this deposit is non refundable.


Cancellation when design has been chosen. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Full payment of the cake balance is required if cancellation is within 1 month of the wedding date, 50% of cake balance is required if cancellation is within 3 to 1 months of the wedding date, all cancellations must be submitted in writing by registered post and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure receipt of the cancellation. On receipt of the cancellation you will be sent confirmation and information of any amounts due at the cancellation date, these amounts must be paid within 7 days of confirmation letter, any unpaid balances will be pursued through the small claims court and customers will be responsible for costs and expenses incurred in this process.

Cancellation when design has not been chosen. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. If cake design has not been confirmed by 3 months prior to the wedding date then an automatic £200 balance figure is used as outstanding for cancellation purposes, if the cake is cancelled within 3 to 1 month of the wedding date 50% of this figure becomes due. If the cake is cancelled 1 month prior to the wedding date the whole of this figure becomes due. Once the cake design has been chosen the £200 is replaced by the actual cost of the cake chosen, and all terms and conditions apply as above in section Cancellation when design has been chosen.


Please note cakes with sponge tiers may not be completed until the day prior to/or the day of the celebration to ensure the cakes are as fresh as possible

Disputes and changes to bookings

Any refund given for disputes regarding a cake design or production of a design are completely at the discretion of YPD and are not automatic. Full refunds will never be given for any cake which has been consumed regardless of dispute, as consumption of the cake is viewed as your acceptance that the cake is adequate for the purpose for which it has been supplied. All cakes delivered to venues are photographed from different angles to show cake quality on delivery we do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to the cake or items with the cake such as knives, decorations and stands, once the cake has been delivered to a venue , or for loss, damage or non-delivery under unavoidable or exceptional circumstances. This in no way affects your statutory rights.

A change of trial date or wedding date made by the client once the booking has been placed, YPD will endeavour if at all possible to find an alternative date or make every effort to complete the order for the new date even if that date is already booked. If this is not possible YPD are not liable at the client has changed the date and not YPD.


Cakes will be delivered and set up subject to availability; any arrangements for delivery may be subject to change, however prior notice will be given where possible.

Cakes are to be collected from our premises at a prearranged time and date only.


From time to time our designs are published in national wedding cake magazines and other publications, we reserve the right to use any image of a cake made by Your Perfect Day for publication at a later date.

Return of Hired Equipment

Deposits are taken for all equipment. All equipment must be returned within 3 days of the wedding date (unless alternative arrangements have been agreed prior to wedding in writing) or extra charges may be levied to cover hire costs. Any damages to equipment will incur a reduction of deposit returned in order to cover costs of repair or replacement

After you have booked your wedding cake, what can you expect between now and your big day?

What YPD will do

At the time of booking

  • We enter your wedding details into the company diary and work timetable

3 Months before your wedding

  • Arrange any fruit cakes required for your wedding cake
  • Source out any ribbon colours, decorations or unusual items required for your cake
  • Arrange any stands/cake knives required

6 weeks before your wedding

  • Confirm delivery time and place with you
  • Begin the decorations for the cake

1 week before your wedding

  • Contact your venue to confirm delivery and set up details with them or confirm collection details with you
  • Complete cake final details

1 day before your wedding/Day of your wedding

  • Deliver and set up cake (if arranged)

What we would like you to do

  • Keep us informed of any changes and amendments to your details as soon as they happen, in writing is preferred

Terms & Conditions for Hair and Beauty

Booking procedure

The booking of the event is only reserved once the client has paid the non-refundable deposit to Your Perfect Day .Bookings can be made by email , by telephone or in person at a consultation.


Payments can be made in cash or credit / debit cards, cheques will not be accepted .The non-refundable deposit paid by the client is taken off the fee. The balance is to be paid in full by the client six weeks before the event date. Failure to pay the outstanding balance within the stated time will result in the booking being released. YPD reserves the right to retain any payments previously made by the client in relation to the booking and in accordance with the cancellation policy.

Responsibility of the client

The client shall inform the makeup artist of any issues that may affect the use of any equipment or products. This includes but is not limited to sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions. The makeup artist cannot be held liable for any losses that are incurred due to the client’s failure to inform them of any know condition. The makeup artist reserves the right to refuse service to the client or members the party for, but not limited to, abusive and threatening behavior. All products used are in date and all equipment sterilized. YPD uses a wide range of products and is not connected to any brand. YPD will not be liable for any reactions to products used

Cancellation Policy

The client at any point in writing can cancel the booking. The makeup artist will be under no obligation to refund any money paid up until point of cancellation, however the client will not be liable for any further payments. The client can cancel a trial at any point however a trial cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for at the agreed rate. Cancellations by the makeup artist due to circumstances including, but not limited to, problems rendering the makeup artists performance of their obligations where no other suitable alternative can be given a full refund will be given to the client. No further compensation will be offered. If the booking is directly affected by circumstance beyond the control of the makeup artist where possible the makeup artist will endeavor to rectify such situations however no compensation will be offered on the makeup artist part. It is strongly advised you take out wedding insurance to cover you against these situations. In the event that the client cancels a booking that YPD has accrued expenses for equipment, other services, time, or otherwise all costs shall be met by the client. If the client changes the date or venue after the booking has been made, YPD will make every effort to make the new date or venue however if this is not possible the client will be informed.


The client agrees that the makeup artist may use any photography for publicity purposes which include but are not limited to the makeup artists website and social media pages.

The Finishing Touches

Whilst YPD are happy to help you into your dress and the bridesmaids into their dresses on the day of your wedding / prom etc, please be aware this isn’t covered by our insurance. Therefore, anything that happens whilst the client or bridesmaids are in their dresses will be the owners (namely the bride / prom) responsibility.

By financially securing your deposit you accept these terms of contract.